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paramore_lims's Journal

Paramore Last Icon Maker Standing
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What's a LIMS?

LIMS= Last Icon Maker Standing. Each week you enter an icon and then people vote on who's is the worst and who's is the best. One person will be eliminated each week until we get to a final three, and then just one icon maker left. Who of course is the last icon maker standing...


1. To participate you must first join the community.
2. To enter you must respond to this post.
3. Your response must be of the form I supply you with.
4. Every two(2) weeks your icon will be due. Failure to
hand in your icon will result in warning, then elimination.
5. You must make a new icon each time, you will be provided
with pictures.
6. If for any reason you can't get your icon in on time. Conact gurllie1994

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